Friday, January 11, 2008

Another Description of General Semantics

From the notebooks of Robert P. Pula:
" General-semantics [he liked to write it with a hyphen to emphasize its use as a unitary term for the system that Korzybski formulated] offers a way for people to size things up, including themselves, in a way more compatible with what's outside their heads (so-called 'reality') so that they can better learn, better communicate with their companions, do sharper research, tell themselves less nonsense and, by being more present to those they're dealing with, experience enhanced degrees of affection."
I remember that Bob also used to say "General-semantics doesn't do anything!"

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Dot said...

Dr. Kodish,
I have seen mention in several places an anthology of Bob Pula's work, called Knowledge, Uncertainty and Courage, but I have not been able to verify that its planned publication ever actually occurred. Might you know the status of that project, and especially, where I could obtain a copy? (I don't see it on the IGS web site.)
Thank you so much.

(P.S. I guess he meant that GS can't do anything for someone, but that someone can benefit from GS by learning and applying it?)