Thursday, January 1, 2009

Message From The Past For New Year 2009!

Happy New Year 2009 To All Who Read This!

James Hinton, a far-seeing Englishman writing over 100 years ago had the following thought that seems appropriate to remember as we enter 2009 and wonder and worry about the personal and collective troubles we humans are facing. Wondering and worrying about the troubles of the human race is not a new occupation. Korzybski did it. And there were others who were doing it during his time and before his time and their wisdom seems worth remembering.
The "dark ages" of the intellectual life, and our time, which is the morally dark age, are like the chrysalis, which seems nearly dead. It lies smothered in a tomb made of stuff spun out of its own entrails and hardened into a concrete with rubbish gathered from the outside. But it is preparing to rise to a higher life. (qtd in Mary Everest Boole Collected Works, Vol. I, p.316)
Despite all our problems, let us look to the future with hope!

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