Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What's Happening Now?

in part of the culture, i.e., environment
(neuro-evaluative, neuro-linguistic)
we're living-in/communicating-in/creating,
at apparently ever accelerating-exponentiating speed,
with some new electronic tools/media
like never before...for good and ill.

Get a feel by watching this short Youtube video
(an ad for Sprint but still worth looking at):


lucma said...

Do you practice any rules to keep on the safe side of life then ?
Not like > "ignore technology" of course...

How to handle such an overflow of signs?
How to GO SANE ? ;-)
without reading 500 pages ? (I am thinking of the children esp.)

Cheers for sharing


Bruce Kodish said...

I do ignore some technology at least some of the time and some technology all of the time.

I restrict my participation in internet discussion forums, restrict emailing and elaborate email discussions. I don't 'tweet' at all. I joined Facebook recently but mainly regret it and don't visit too often.

I've got other things to do (like finishing the book I'm writing) and try to consciously control my consumption of media. My wife is watching a dvd now. I'm wearing ear plugs.

All of the above helps my sanity, I think.

As for general rules for sanity...well, you probably will have to read some books. I've written a few and some articles too and do my best to practice what I preach.