Thursday, September 3, 2009

Quote of the Day - 'People'

"I believe people are well-intentioned. But I have great respect for the corrosive influence of bias, systematic distortion of thought, the power of rationalization, the guises of self-interest, and the inevitability of unintended consequences."
—Michael Crichton, "Author's Message," in State of Fear, p. 571


B Free said...

And this is the "doctor" who disses Global Warming in the same book with carefully selected "facts"!

I'm taking any'thing' any'body' says with a "grain of Mustard seed" from now on!

I do like his novels though...remember...they are 'fiction'.

Bruce Kodish said...

Very important point, John!

I'm in 'absolute' agreement with you.

Bruce Kodish said...

By the way, John. I just joined\ and noticed you haven't posted anything lately.

How about updating it with some of your fantastic poetry and poet trees?