Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Runes on Thinking

From Dagobert D. Runes, Dictionary of Thinking
with my comments in brackets.:
Thinking can be shaped by heart, gall, glands, stomach, or even shifting eyes. Sometimes I wish that people's thoughts came in colors so one could see what part of the body sent them forth.

Thinking may be classified on a color chart, however, of poetic imagination. Some people's cognitions run rosy; others gray, even black. There are those who think yellow and those who live and breathe blood red. The minds of others are of peculiar color combinations. And there are sages whose badge is white, embodying all the colors. No human emotion is strange to them, yet none colors their thoughts.
[Probably a good thing that people's thoughts don't come in smells –BIK]
A good thought, even when poorly presented, will finally emerge right side up.
[A writer hopes. –BIK]
The last thought is always wiser than the first.
[Not always. One can get sicklied over with the pale cast of too much thought. Then one must say "enough!" –BIK]

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