Monday, November 2, 2009

Update On My Schnozzola

I had the packing and some stitches taken out of my nose today by the ENT surgeon and he did a little suction of some of the other gunk in there too. Yuck!

At any rate, I can breathe through my nose again. I feel happy about that. It was totally stuffed up since my surgery last Monday and it was not pleasant to say the least.

Apparently, my deviant...err...deviated septum rated as one of the worst ones that the surgeon had ever seen. A mess of shattered bone, cartilage, etc. yuck. The van accident in 1977 when I broke my nose had really done some damage inside.

The air flow seems surprisingly good even though I am not allowed to blow my nose until I see the surgeon in another two weeks. I don't mind much. Hopefully the hole in my nasal septum that he patched up will fill in (he wants to give the cartilage more time to heal) and I'll have a nice intact and straight septum. But even now I feel most grateful that my new nose works as well as it does.

It is not a small thing to be able to breath through the nose whatever the size of ones' schnozzola . As the great entertainerJimmy Durante supposedly said "The nose knows." A great nasal epistemologist too!

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