Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Kodishes Celebrate

I may not have quite reached the time to break out the champagne but after 5 and 1/2 years of researching and writing, I completed the manuscript of my biography of Korzybski tonight.

Jacques Barzun has said that "When the first draft is done, the back of the book will be broken."

This qualifies as at least a second, not the first draft since every chapter has gone through revision and rewriting already. However, now I can look at the book as a whole, and editing each part in relation to that whole will now lead to a new phase of revision, etc. Whatever obstacles lie ahead, I really do feel that I've reached a milestone. 'The back of the book' is indeed broken.

Calloo, Callay!!!


Ben said...

A hearty, somewhat premature congratulations to you, Bruce!

Bruce Kodish said...

Not premature. You can congratulate me again when the book is in print.

Bruce Kodish said...

Fritz Moser wrote to me on FaceBook"
" very very impressive ! may I use a quote in German ?!":
"Die Landkarte ist nicht das Gelände“. zeigt, dass der Mensch in zwei Welten lebt: in der Welt der Sprache und der Symbole und in der realen Welt. Die Sprache ist demnach gleichsam die Landkarte der Wirklichkeit. In seinem Buch stellt Korzybski dar, dass das menschliche Gehirn fähig ist, allein auf die Landkarte zu reagieren und das dargestellte Gelände (im Extrem) vollständig zu vergessen. (WIKIPEDIA)"

Which Google Translated as:
""Die Landkarte ist nicht das Gelände“. As GoogleTranslate translates this into English:
"The map is not the terrain." Shows that man lives in two worlds: the world of language and symbols and in the real world. Language is thus as if the map of reality. In his book represents Korzybski, that the human brain is capable of responding solely to the map and the displayed area (in the extreme) to forget completely. (WIKIPEDIA)"

Unknown said...

Bruce ... Congratulations for the milestone achieved. Thank you for your courage in taking on this challenge. I hope Bob Pula's family might know. Best regards to Susan.