Sunday, July 11, 2010

July 2010 Update on Korzybski Biography

My wife Susan and I just completed the editing of the first draft of the Korzybski biography that I've been working on for the last six years. That hasn't left me much time for blog posting, for which I apologize. We have some pruning to do as I've written a massive book filled with detail and I want to shorten it as much as I can, without sacrificing the details that people will want, to make it as unintimidating as possible to interested readers. So we are working very hard and hope to have the book out, certainly by this time next year if not earlier.

After reading the first draft manuscript Susan gave a very capable summary of Korzybski's life in two sentences:
"He had a very busy, sometimes too busy, exciting and exhausting life. Then he died."
Measured by today's lifespans he wasn't that old when he died, a few months short of his 71st birthday. But he packed a helluva lot of living into those years. I think readers will be pleasantly surprised about what they learn about Korzybski, what he was aiming for, and his incredible accomplishments. I'll keep you posted on the books progress toward publication, which will be soon.


Ben said...

And from the little I've read, Bruce, the book looks JUICY!

James said...

Well I feel A.K, really never died, as he lives on, in his books, and pictures, and even in his 1948 Seminar, which I have been re-mastering, his voice, to make it clearer, and to take out some of his dioletic and the cold that he had.

I find TIME-BINDING, The General Theory 1924-1926 a foundation of what he was trying to get across. This wasn't published till after his death. I find that reading this book, by A.K. before anything else, will give you a firm foundation about the History of his reasoning. It was very helpful to me.