Thursday, October 6, 2011

Korzybski Files Meets Gendo

Korzybski Files Meets Gendo? 

No, unlike Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman or King Kong Meets Godzillait's not a bad horror movie.

Rather, gendo is the name that its originator, Heron Stone, came up with for the approach he put together for "language rehab" for "brain-damaged language monkeys," i.e., you and me. Now, you see a connection, don't you? 

Heron, who considers himself a "brain-damaged language monkey" too, encourages people to recognize what he calls the "five stupidities of the English language." You can hear his podcasts of internet conversations with fellow earthlings from around the planet at gendo - a way of language

He considers Alfred Korzybski, a great influence and also runs a once a week Science and Sanity discussion group, which he  records and also podcasts. I had never heard of him or gendo before, so felt pleasantly surprised when he recently contacted me (he had just bought Korzybski: A Biography). We have had a few discussions on Skype, including the following—which became gendo podcast 662—in preparation for me participating in his Science and Sanity group, later that week. 

In this conversation we talk about gendo, Korzybski: A Biography, and various and sundry GS and non-aristotelian related topics. You can listen to or download the file of our discussion here: #662 - 1-on-1 with Bruce Kodish. #665 features the Science and Sanity group discussion that I participated in that next Sunday.  Enjoy!

Also check out Heron's website  and search iTunes for the Science and Sanity podcast

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