Sunday, January 1, 2012

Radical General Semantics I

Gad Horowitz teaches what he calls "Radical General Semantics".  I respect his work highly and consider myself a student-teacher-practitioner of Radical General-Semantics too. So much crap has been written and taught about Korzybski's work, so much misreading and superficial understanding of it, that it seems that some different term should be used to refer to what Korzybski actually wrote and taught and to present-day attempts to build upon it in a creative and useful way, a way responsible to the actual korzybskian tradition. It looks to me like Gad Horowitz is doing just that. More power to Gad Horowitz and Radical General-Semantics in 2012!

Gad Horowitz [(r)GS] - Theoretical Introduction & Overview of Radical General Semantics from FastBodies on Vimeo.

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Unknown said...

How paradoxical it "is" (or not?) that the meaning of General Semantics itself be so distant from general public understanging to what Korzybski originally thought?
Maybe GS itself is a living example of what it means.