Sunday, November 4, 2012

Korzybski on Poetry

"...poetry often conveys in a few sentences more of lasting value than a whole volume of scientific analysis." 
— Alfred Korzybski, 
p. 437, Science and Sanity


Peter Faber said...

Science is constantly updated and remodelled, which in its own way is perhaps beautiful. Poetry appears more timeless, in that its beauty transcends time and accesses primal linguistic archetypes.

Dilip Barad said...

How true - and see the way in which Korzybski has put it - so simple and yet so profound! Today, in Prof. E.V. Ramakrishnan's reading of poetry, we expreienced this!

Ross said...

Exactly. POETRY AND SANITY. The key to the regeneration of humanity lies in the regeneration of the poetic spirit.