Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Dabrowski on Self-Education

"Self-education is the highest possible process of a psychological and moral character. It begins at the time when the individual undergoes changes which permit him to make himself partially independent of biological factors and of the influence of the social environment. At this stage a process, thus far not explained by psychology, takes place, as a consequence of which the individual becomes the resultant not only of inheritance, of factors acting in the womb of a mother, and of his biological and social environment, but also of one more, ever more powerful factor, namely that of defining oneself and of acting upon oneself (the so-called third factor)."
Kazmierz Dabrowski, MD, PhD
from Personality Shaping Through Positive Disintegration, (1967), Red Pill Press 2015

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Bruce Kodish said...

"In modern times, with the growing complexities, a theory of values, with extensional techniques for educational guidance and self-guidance, become imperative."
—Alfred Korzybski,
Preface to the Third Edition, Science and Sanity (1948)