Saturday, July 26, 2014

Korzybski's General-Semantics

"General[-]semantics is not any 'philosophy', or 'psychology', or 'logic', in the ordinary sense. It is a new extensional discipline which explains and trains us how to use our nervous systems most efficiently. It is not a medical science, but like bacteriology, it is indispensible for medicine in general, and for psychiatry, mental hygiene, and education in particular. In brief, it is the formulation of a new non-aristotelian system of orientation which affects every branch of science and life. The separate issues involved are not entirely new; their methodological formulation as a system which is workable, teachable and so elementary that it can be applied by children, is entirely new." 
— Alfred Korzybski , "Introduction to the Second Edition 1941", Science and Sanity, Fifth Edition (1994), pp. xxxviii-xxxix

Korzybski's General-Semantics "Wordle"

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