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Chapter 63 - "What – Me Worry?": Part 1 - Introduction

Korzybski: A Biography (Free Online Edition)
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Unless a lot of people mistook GS for ‘Group Sex’, there seemed little danger that Manhood of Humanity or Science and Sanity would follow the Kinsey report onto the 1948 bestseller list. Nonetheless, with interest in GS rising, with the proliferation of GS study groups and courses, with numerous books—both pro and con—being written, there actually existed a demand for Korzybski’s books. The unavailability of both of his books at the start of 1948 added to the demand, and the pressure Korzybski and his colleagues felt to get them out again as soon as possible. The delayed appearance of the Second Edition of Manhood of Humanity, promised for several years, seemed sure to frustrate the waiting list of people who had already ordered it. Science and Sanity, out of print now for nearly a year, had around 1000 back orders. People, especially university instructors, were eager for Selections from Science and Sanity as well. Publishing these last two books as soon as possible was at the top of the IGS to-do list. But the delay of Manhood of Humanity, Korzybski’s first book, especially frustrated him. Its theme of time-binding had begun to play an explicit part in his formulating once again, but the writing of a new Introduction, the main bottleneck to getting out Manhood’s Second Edition, would not go easily.

You may download a pdf of all of the book's reference notes (including a note on primary source material and abbreviations used) from the link labeled Notes on the Contents page. The pdf of the Bibliography, linked on the Contents page contains full information on referenced books and articles. 

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